About us

At Impact Services International we believe that education has a positive impact on society.

Education enables you to achieve your full potential by enriching your skills set and your understanding of the world.

We work with individuals, companies and educational institutions. We provide a wide range of educational services to our international clients. We offer language training, teacher training, professional development, Translation and Arabisation services and study abroad programmes.

We know that consistency has greater value than intensity and that strong ethical values can support positive change.; we know the long term impact education has on an individual, and in turn, society. All members of our team are involved in continuous professional and personal development and we offer our clients access to personalised and relevant training, we are working on developing the next generation.

Why Impact Services International?

  • You are at the centre of our efforts, your progress and reaching your goals is key
  • Our teachers and trainers are not simply native speakers, they are qualified professionals, they have studied teaching methodology and are able to use a variety of techniques to suit your learning preferences
  • During lessons our teachers will encourage learning through the full immersion experience and avoid simply translating
  • Our small groups of a maximum of 10 people ensure individual attention
  • We use relevant, topical and up-to-date material in class and online
  • A wide range of languages both face to face and online
  • Easy payment terms for long term students

Still have questions or would like further guidance?

Still have questions or need help? Give us a call at +44 20 7379 5109