Consultancy and Language Programmes Quality Assurance

With extensive experience in the field, our trainers, consultancy and language programmes work with educational institutions to provide expert advice on relevant issues such as:

  • How to achieve and maintain teaching standards set internally
  • How to plan and implement quality assurance programmes, including QA audits, using internal or external standards
  • How to prepare for successful inspection from organisations such as Ofsted UK, ADEC, KHDA and the Ministries of Education throughout the world
  • Universities in need of external assessors or examiners

Our programmes are completely tailored to your needs to ensure success. We also recommend a period of indigenisation of activities carried out during the CPD with follow-up activities. This is to be able to support teachers in the implementation of the new standards or techniques while working in their context.

We know every organisation is different and would be delighted to hear from you – contact us now!